Okezue Bell

I'm helping to build a thriving future.

At 13 years old, I developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that could framework new applications autonomously, which won me a $10,500 prize. That was the moment I realized that I had much more to offer beyond APs, college courses and science fairs. See the Research Paper & Project Feature↗

After that, I began to work in the space of entrepreneurship. I co-founded a startup called Fidutam, which was named in the top 10% of Y-Combinator applicants, and is scheduled to pitch at an international competition in April after winning 1st in the independent business plan category. Read the 2020 Press Release↗

When I was 14 (almost 15), I've worked biotechnology projects spanning a wide variety of topics, and been a national-qualifying debater. My focus was on building up biotechnology, synthetic biology, and biomedical engineering projects; which led me to engage with lab experts at Stanford, Tufts, and Doudna Lab. Watch my Video @Zappos & Cellular Agriculture Talk↗

I'm writing this on my birthday - April 25th, now 15 years old. I've started to really get into philosophy, reading, and the liberal arts, and its intersection with AI and the human sciences. I'm also working at TKS, an olympic level training program to teach young students to become the next generation of CEOs. Read my Review After Going Through the Program↗

Most importantly, I'm enjoying life with my family, still engaging in extra-curriculurs, and striving to achieve my goals alongside some amazing individuals. I've seen my life take a 360° turn; I've gone from worrying about my calc test to meeting the CEO of Google. Visit my Recollection of 2020↗

As I continue to develop, I'd love for you to keep up with my journey, which was ultimately my goal in making this website. See an example with my Integrated Article Page & FAQ↗. After 30+ hours of coding, I've made a space to house both my professional and personal highlights, for me to look back on, and for you to forward to.

Project Highlights


President, Fidutam & Co.

Securing credit transactions via virtual cards. Support from Stripe, Visa, Deutsche Bank.

Customer Relations, TKS

Went through the 1st year innovate program, going through Activate soon, talking to people!

Coding for Companies

Worked on AI systems for two startups out of UPenn and for a startup in Georgia by MDs.

Problem Consultant

Consulted for the UN and Pathcheck Foundation (w/TKS). Pitched projects to Eat JUST & the FAO.

International Speaker

I've spoken and debated about innovation and development at 20+ events.

Building out Biotech

Currently working @Aleph Farms, Perfect Day, and New Harvest building alt. protein. Labwork offers.

AI Development

I've developed multiple AI-powered apps for disease diagnosis individually and on teams. My app Respiray got me recognition by PA congress! My works were also spotlighted in Forbes.

Genetic Algorithms

I'm learning about applications of AI called evolutionary algorithms, a specific one being the genetic algorithm. My research paper was reviewed by UPenn, and being implemented in robotics.


I'm building in the world of female health standards and sharing my learnings in 80 minute repositories, and 1 hour talks with my mom! I'm also sharing my own innovations and thought models internationally.

Biotech R&D

I'm working on pioneering new products the alternative protein space focused in cellular agriculture, building out biotech with some of the leading companies in the space.

Featured Works

Some of my most requested(s). From being an international innovation speaker, consultant, and a curious learner + podcast host, I've got some fun content to share. Click the links below, and check out my top 4 moments!