Okezue Bell


Hi, I'm Okezue!

8:15a - 3:30p on weekdays, I'm a junior in high school. Before and after then, I'm retrofitting the current protein supply chain for sustainable biotechnology, and unaccepting of the way we measure biology; therefore designing new systems to enhance and revise the standard. Currently, I'm focused on developing biocompatible human/brain-computer interfaces (and studying for my SAT).

Research Collaborator in Neuromedical Engineering

at Harvard MS/Mass Gen Hospital Anesthesia Department

Creating diverse tech ecosystems with HCIs

by working on ML at Microsoft and MIT Media Lab.

Computational Genetics and Genomics

in animal models at Stanford School of Medicine.

Exploring the World!

Netherlands, Nigeria, London, Portugal, France, UAE, + 🌎

5 Adjectives to Describe Me?

Autodidactic, ruminative, zealous, ecclectic, assiduous...


Fast Facts

I'm interested in
I also...

functional computing and mathematics, and their applications in human science (biological/chemical) data, and the reverse--applications of organic/bio-inorganic materials in computation and engineering. Petri Nets and the π-calculus, differentiable self-organizing systems, cellular differentiation, graph neural networks, anthroposensory systems, sensors and devices, etc. are my jam.

enjoy playing competitive and varisty tennis/golf, lead the Black Student's Union, Math Club, Science Club, and Debate Club at my school, both at the local and national levels. Additionally, I work on various side projects, belong to multiple organizations - primarily STEM ones, speak at conferences (contact to book me 🎤), and work on consulting projects. I also enjoy writing poems, short stories, and blogs, and reading! Finally, I play violin and chess.




Writer, Personal Blog, Magazines, and Publications | September 2020 - ∞

Written 80+ blogs on a variety of platforms from my personal blog on Medium to a Nigeria magazine in called Sundiata to Cell Agri! I also write poetry, short stories, academic and personal essays, and do digests on STEM, life analysis, and philosophy, which gets over 20,000 monthly views and the magazine I write for getting 1M+ views. Read, read, read


Founder and Director, Fidutam | January 2020 - Present

Developing a technological infrastructure product with Consensys, IBM Blockchain, Visa, and North American banks to bank the unbanked: immigrants, underserved populations, and marginalized communities. Check it out


Neuro-Robotic Systems Engineer, Hanson Robotics, UPitt RNEL | June 2021 - Present

Novel design and implementation of a multimodal neuroprosthetic integrating visual and microelectric systems of control for unilateral amputees; 3D printing at scale for cost reductions in integrations for humanlike robots.


Genetics Research Student, SickKids Hospital | May 2021 - August 2021

Researched a clinically viable method to variant interpretation and gene regulation systems for various diseases (muscular dystrophy) and pathogenic variants.


Cell Biology Intern, New Harvest and Tufts Allen Discovery Center | June 2019 - August 2019

Researched myosatellite cell isolations from immortalized cell line of the Drosophila melanogaster for in-vitro culture of biologically-identical muscle tissue for consumption and medical applications. Also constructed a population study (n = 200) looking at the scaling of insect-based meat in populations with varying levels of food insecurity. Learn more


Public Speaker and Media, 🗺 | February 2020 - ∞

Presented/Interviewed to over 70,000 people in various parts of Europe, (a little bit in) Asia, North America, and Zoom, including at Web Summit, SwissCognitive, Clubhouse, USNIIS, Evoke Canada, Accenture, gal-dem, WorldSummit AI, Yahoo News, Business Insider, WITI, and 10+ workshops & 20+ research gatherings on various topics such as innovation, technology, climate change, and finance. See my WDIY News Station interview and Forbes article on Tech Innovation and Community Outreach


Consultant, 5+ Companies | September 2019 - August 2021

I've been able to consult/advise with/for multiple companies, building decks, apps, and curricula/programs based on the internal problem at hand. Some of my favorite projects were working on building a consumer recommendation and RSS model with the granddaughter of the inventor of clean meat for KindEarth.tech, building a biomedical assay search program using NLP for BenchSci, and increasing COVID tracing app adoption by 50% in LA and MN with the Pathcheck Foundation.

  Project Portfolio, Profile (Sep 2020 - Aug 2021)


Some favorites and highly requested highlights.


My Core Beliefs

Embracing serendipity and leaving room for unconventionality.

Many times, the most important moments happen at the least likely times. It's important to always let luck do its thing; keep an open mind. For example, I've received job offers and free trips/tours from random conversations!

"Fear is the mind-killer."

This quote from Dune (a movie, and going-to-be book favorite) is a gem. Fear stops opportunities, rational thinking, chance...all things good can be taken away by fear. A phobia is just another barrier waiting to be overcome.

Interacting with others always pays off.

There are so many things that can come out of making friends: helping someone, learning something. There are infinite possibilities. Your network is your net worth, and tête-à-têtes are very fun. I have free/paid tête-à-tête STEM tutoring, btw. I'm always open to chat, too!